At Black Diamond Solar we will work with you to achieve a well-rounded energy solution that will provide your business with financial gains whilst also reducing the impact on the environment. To be able to offer you the best solution to reduce your power demands we offer a web enabled electricity metering device which records and stores interval data 24/7 of the energy use of your business. With this data, we can establish an energy consumption pattern of your premises. Knowing when and how your electricity is used allows us to employ energy efficiency strategies in the areas that will make the most impact.

Given that small businesses will soon move to a demand tariff from SA Power Networks, Black Diamond Solar can also work with you to try and manage your power demands such that your business places as little demand on the grid as possible during costly peak demand periods. This has the potential to further your economic benefit.

If you are interested in more than just energy efficiency for your business we can supply you with a complete package which can include solar PV and battery storage. We can discuss with you whether these solutions would be of benefit to you. To give you the best advice, we require detailed knowledge of your consumption patterns, as established through the previously mentioned electricity metering device.