LG has been manufacturing electrical goods since 1958. Solar research commenced in the mid 1980s while actual module production started in 2009. LG prides itself on manufacturing one of the highest quality and high efficient modules on the market. With the growing need to produce more energy with renewables to reduce the reliance on fossil fuel it is increasingly imperative to make optimum use of given roof space.

LG Electronics operates on a multinational basis in over 100 countries. In Australia, it has offices in every mainland city with a head office and specialised technical support team based in Sydney. LG has also selectively developed a national network of highly trained dealers and skilled installers to ensure their products are installed at the high quality standard that the LG brand is synonymous with.

LG solar panels are manufactured in a fully automated manufacturing facility in Gumi, South Korea where it controls every stage of production – from sourcing the silicon, to manufacturing the cells and the modules. LG panels come with a 12-year parts and labour warranty and 25-year performance warranty at an outstanding 83.6% locally supported by LG Electronics.

LG has one of the most stringent quality control procedures when manufacturing its solar cells and solar modules which include over 500 quality control processes and thus guaranteeing the premium long term performance of their solar modules.

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LG are fast becoming the world leaders of the solar industry. LG is the only solar panel manufacturer that has won the Inter Solar Award on two occasions for their innovative & high performance solar modules.

Why we love LG’s solar panel range:

  • High performance up to 370W modules.
  • 12 thin wire energy conductors compared to the industry standard of 3.
  • Up to 40% more yield per m2 of roof space in comparison to a cheap 250W module.
  • Online registerable warranty.
  • Transferrable warranty.
  • 12 year LG backed parts & labour warranty.
  • 25 year performance guarantee at 83.6%.
  • Improved performance in higher temperature & low light conditions.

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