“A sapphire gem is known for its remarkable hardness and durability…”

Sapphire Solar is a trusted 100% Australian owned renewable energy company providing a premium and powerful PV panel range for the solar users of today whilst securing your renewable investment with locally backed warranties and support.

The business is driven by a great commitment to quality, A-grade products and the desire to influence and contribute to the current solar revolution.

Put simply, Sapphire Solar is passionate about ensuring high standards are maintained in the global solar market.

Sapphire Solar’s philosophy is, to uphold an unrivalled passion for quality by delivering the Sapphire Solar A-Grade Assurance.

And like the strength of a sapphire, their modules are durable and built to last, providing confidence in every solar investment.

The components that Sapphire Solar source are from long term industry leading suppliers like 3M, DuPont, Leoni and are 2-3 times higher than the TUV standard of most other “Tier 1” panels available. For example a standard junction box located on the back of a solar module has an IP rating of IP65, where Sapphire Solar utilises a German made Leoni junction box which is a fully gel sealed IP67 junction box which offers greater durability and performance and the UV rating on the EVA backing sheets of a panel are 3 times the international standard which provides greater protection against the harsh Australian conditions.

Sapphire Solar’s has been selected as the chosen Solar Panel provider for the Channel 9’s renovation TV Series “The Block” two seasons in a row and featured in an episode of “The Block: Glasshouse”.



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Sapphire Solar is proudly 100% Australian owned, backed by a team of solar professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in the domestic and international solar industries.

Buying from an Australian company means you are supporting the Australian economy, providing you with protection and trust in your solar investment.

And with an established local support service, you can feel confident your solar queries are being handled quickly and efficiently with a local solar expert who understands your needs.


Delivering a high-quality solar PV module with a powerful performance is about being at the heart of the production process and getting it right from the start.

Our on-the-ground engineering and years spent learning about solar panel production means we understand what it takes to manufacturer an A-grade, quality panel product.

We are passionate about maintaining the highest possible industry standards and pride ourselves on our stringent quality assurance process; the Sapphire Solar A-Grade Assurance.

Working by the Sapphire Solar A-Grade Assurance means we have the physical ability to reject poor materials and practices that don’t meet our specific standards.

It’s simple…if it’s not 100% quality, we don’t stand for it.

“We found Black Diamond Solar the best company to go with when looking to have solar panels put on our home. We were given 5 different options to go with and chose the system to suit our needs. The price was fantastic and Christian the owner communicated with us throughout the signup and installation of our system. His employees are very professional and thorough. We highly recommend Black Diamond Solar as everyones choice for the best service, quality, expertise and price.”

Teresa F.